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Old Favourites

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Who else can relate to that feeling you experience when you finish a great book, and you sit back and have all of the dreamy and contemplative feelings about it? Richly layered characters you’ve fallen in love with and a time and place you wish you could visit in person. Then you’re hit by a pang of wistfulness, because although you know the book is always going to be there and you can return to the pages any time, you wish you hadn’t yet read it so you can again experience it for the first time. This happens to me every time I go into a bookshop or go shopping online. I always find it exciting to see a book I love on the shelves, but perhaps even more exciting is happening upon a book you read a long time ago but don’t personally own a copy of. Suddenly it’s right there on the shelf, and you know it’s going home with you. In building up a wide and varied stock of books here at Birch Books, I’m hoping that maybe I have the very book you read so long ago and can’t wait to revisit.

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