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Hitchcock & The Woman in the Window

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

I can’t remember when my love affair with Alfred Hitchcock’s movies began, I just know it was a long time ago. I saw some of his movies when I was only a kid, and after all these years I still love watching them.

So, when a writer takes a novel or a classic film I love, puts their spin on it and turns it into a brilliantly dark and diabolical novel with the most perfect twists and turns, I’m beside myself with excitement. The example I’m referring to in this post is The Woman in the Window by A J Finn, and the original works I’m referring to are Rear Window, which was based on the short story, It Had to Be Murder, by Cornell Woolrich.

I must have watched Rear Window hundreds of times. It’s one of my favourites of Hitchcock’s films, and no matter how many times I see it, my heart still races in certain scenes, especially when Grace Kelly’s character, Lisa, sneaks into the apartment across from Jeff’s to try and find out what happened to Jeff’s neighbour’s missing wife.

The Woman in the Window is just as addictive and suspenseful as Rear Window. It tells the tragic story of Anna, a woman who has become a recluse following a car accident and the breakdown of her marriage. It’s a highly recommended read from me, and we currently have one copy in stock.

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