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Title: What Men Don't Talk About
Author Name: Maggie Hamilton
Price: $10.00
ISBN: 9780143006541
Publisher: Penguin Books
Year Published: 2007
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback 
Condition: Good condition

What Men Don't Talk About

  • What do men and boys long for, agonise over, aspire to?

    Why are men often silent in dark and difficult situations?

    Why do so many find it hard to express how much they care?

    What do they look for in women?

    What do they want from committed relationships, from friendships?

    How do they feel about kids?

    What motivates them?

    What do they worry about?

    How do they see their bodies?

    What is life like for them as they age?

    Why do so many resort to suicide?

    Every day we read articles about men- men at home, men at work, men in bed – but still the confusion and frustration between the sexes remain. Can we put the differences between men and women down to the influence of Venus and Mars, or are there more intricate dynamics at play?

    Is it true that men's lives are much easier than women's lives – that they have 'got it made'? Surprising, illuminating and at times shocking, What Men Don't Talk About takes the reader far beyond the many stereotypes of men, and reveals how real men and boys view their world.

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