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Title: We Were the Mulvaneys
Author Name: Joyce Carol Oates
Price: $8.00
ISBN: 9781841157009
Publisher: Fourth Estate
Year Published: 1996
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback
Condition: Good condition

We Were the Mulvaneys

  • A masterful novel about a violent crime and its reverberations throughout a community – as timely and relevant in 2019 as it was when first published in 2001 ‘We were the Mulvaneys, remember us? For a long time you envied us, then you pitied us. For a long time you admired us, then you thought Good! that’s what they deserve.’

    The Mulvaneys of High Point Farm are blessed. But then, on Valentine’s Day 1976, something happens to Marianne, the pretty sixteen-year-old daughter, and nothing will ever be the same again …

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