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Title:     Thirteen Steps Down
Author Name:     Ruth Rendell
Price:     $9.00
ISBN:     9780091800055
Publisher:     Random House
Year Published:     2004
Paperback or Hardcover:     Paperback
Condition:    Good condition

Thirteen Steps Down

  • A classic Rendellian loner, Mix Cellini is superstitious about the number 13. Living in a decaying house in Notting Hill, Mix is obsessed with 10 Rillington Place, where the notorious John Christie committed a series of foul murders. He is also infatuated with a beautiful model who lives nearby - a woman who would not look at him twice.

    Mix's landlady, Gwendolen Chawcer is equally reclusive - living her life through her library of books.

    Both landlady and lodger are caught up in their own psychologically twisted parallel worlds. But when reality intrudes into Mix's life, a long pent-up violence explodes.

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