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Title: The Savage Gorge
Author Name: Colin Forbes
Price: $9.00
ISBN: 9780743295130
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Year Published: 2006
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback 
Condition: Good condition

The Savage Gorge

  • Tweed and Paula of the SIS take over the brutal murder case of two attractive women from the plodding Chief Inspector Reebeck.

    A vital clue leads them to a remote and beautiful county, an area controlled by the human but dangerous 'Pit Bull'. They meet Pit Bull's strange family: his volatile daughter, Margot; his other intelligent daughter, Sable; his well-mannered and observant son, Lance; and Mrs Shipton, their grim housekeeper.

    Into the picture appears the enigmatic private detective, Falkirk, and world traveller, Archie MacBlade. Tweed explores the local village, peculiar in its ways, and meets the local gossip, Mrs Grout.

    With Paula at his side, he visits the strange town of Gunners Gorge, bloodstained by Cromwell long ago. More murders are committed. 'Not the work of a serial killer,' Tweed insists, 'I sense something much bigger . . .'

    Is Finden Square the key? HQ of ONTRANTO, the giant oil corporation, is hidden in the heart of London and owned by the devious womanizer, Neville Guile. Tweed and Paula accelerate their dangerous race to solve the diabolical mystery. But time is not on their side . . .

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