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Title: The Hottest State

Author: Ethan Hawke

Price: $8.00

ISBN: 9780006550471

Publisher: Flamingo

This edition published: 1997

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Good condition

The Hottest State

  • With disarming emotional honesty, Ethan Hawke's debut novel captures that agitated, electric moment between youth and adulthood when every new feeling becomes a source of mystery and wonder, and every experience seems overlaid with staggering possibility or certain doom.

    The narrator will be disconcertingly familiar to anyone who has ever felt the fierceness of young love: Meeting Sarah catapults William into a world of shame and ardor and unspeakable tenderness, and in six head-spinning months he comes to know both the restless, overmastering ache of first love and the wild and ruinous grief it leaves behind.

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