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Title: The Boy in the Yellow Dress

Author: Victor Marsh

Price: $10.00

ISBN: 9781742984087

Publisher: Clouds of Magellan

This edition published: 2014

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Good condition

The Boy in the Yellow Dress

  • In Perth, Western Australia, in the 1950s, a sissy boy is rejected by his father. He stumbles through a confusing sexual awakening into the hippie haze of the early seventies, when his spiral into psychedelic oblivion is interrupted by a rude encounter with the police. Soon after, a meeting with a young guru shows him that what he has been looking for can only be found within.

    Part family tragedy, part existential comedy, The Boy in the Yellow Dress is a warts-and-all account of exile and the subsequent journey homewards that is less about finding a respectable place in the world than an intimate connection with the ultimate source of being.

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