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Title:     Stranger in a Strange Land
Author Name:     Robert Heinlein
Price:     $10.00
ISBN:     9780340938348 
Publisher:     Hodder & Stoughton
Year Published:     1991
Paperback or Hardcover:     Paperback
Condition:    Good condition

Stranger in a Strange Land

  • Stranger in a Strange Land caused uproar when it was first published as it savaged conventional religious, sexual, and social ideals.

    Many years in the future, Valentine Michael Smith's upbringing is exceptional. Orphan child to two astronauts killed in space, he is raised on Mars. Twenty-five years later he is "rescued" and brought back to Earth. The initial enthusiasm of the administration in Smith's safe return is soon dampened by the realisation that they cannot control him. Possessed with superhuman skills and a unique philosophy he threatens their society - Smith must be contained. Then a nurse helps him escape his hospital jail. Their flight becomes a journey of discovery, enlightenment and wonder. But danger is following fast behind, and there will be no escape from the final confrontation.

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