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Title: Salvation Creek
Author Name: Susan Duncan
Price: $9.00
ISBN: 9781846040528
Publisher: Transworld Publishers
Year Published: 2006
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback (trade)
Condition: Good condition

Salvation Creek

  • At 44 Susan Duncan appeared to have it all. Editor of two top-selling women's magazines, a happy marriage, a jetsetting lifestyle covering stories from New York to Greenland, the world was her oyster.

    But when her beloved husband and brother die within three days of each other, her glittering life shatters. In shock, she zips on her work face, climbs back into her high heels and soldiers on - until one morning eighteen months later, when she simply can't get out of bed.

    Heartbreaking, funny and searingly honest, Salvation Creek is the story of a woman who found the courage not only to begin again but to beat the odds in her own battle for survival and find a new life - and love - in a tiny waterside idyll cut off from the outside world.

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