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Title: Only You
Author Name: Nora Roberts
Price: $7.00
ISBN: 9781742558554
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Year Published: 1996
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback 
Condition: Good condition

Only You


    The Heart of Devin MacKade

    Sheriff Devin MacKade had always had his eye on Cassie Dolin. Twelve years of trying to watch over her and her children. Twelve years of being the dependable friend, of seeing this beauty married to a beast. Twelve years of hell.

    Now that was going to change, though he knew he'd have to be careful, move slow. But if Cassie came any closer, he might just toss her over his shoulder and carry her away. And he wasn't sure if either of them was quite ready for that yet.

    The Fall of Shane MacKade

    Shane MacKade loved women. He hadn't met one yet who had him whistling the wedding march - until Dr Rebecca Knight. But she's too busy hunting legends on the MacKade land to succumb to his charm. Maybe it's time to change his methods.

    To Dr Rebecca Knight, everything had an explanation - until she started having some very irrational thoughts about sexy Shane MacKade. She didn't know much about men, but she knew one thing for sure, that loving Shane would be dangerous - and Rebecca didn't like to take chances.

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