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Title:     Lighthouse Bay
Author Name:     Kimberley Freeman
Price:     $10.00
ISBN:     9780733623776 
Publisher:     Hachette
Year Published:     2012
Paperback or Hardcover:     Paperback
Condition:    Good condition

Lighthouse Bay

  • 1901: Trapped in a loveless marriage, Isabella Winterbourne struggles with a grief from which she doubts she will ever recover.

    2011: Alone and heavy-hearted, Libby Slater has finally come home from her Paris life, not sure what she will find.

    On the wild and isolated east coast of Australia, Isabella and Libby have to wrestle with the choices they have made and the cards fate has dealt them. A mystery that stretches from one to the other leads Libby to the old diaries of the local lighthouse keeper. The dusty pages help her to unearth Isabella’s legacy and rediscover the importance of family and forgiveness. Both women will find that no matter how dark things seem there is always light somewhere ahead.

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