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Title: Jack Maggs

Author: Peter Carey

Price: $11.00

ISBN: 9780702229527

Publisher: University of Queensland Press

This edition published: 1997

Paperback or Hardcover: Hardcover

Condition: Good condition

Jack Maggs

  • 1837. Ex-convict Jack Maggs has returned illegally to London from Australia. Installing himself in the household of a genteel grocer, he attracts the attention of a cross-section of society. Saucy Mercy Larkin wants him for a mate.

    Writer Tobias Oates wants to possess his soul through hypnosis. Maggs, a figure both frightening and mysteriously compelling, is so in thrall to the notion of a gentlemanly class that he's risked his life to come back to his torturers. His task is to shed his false consciousness and understand that his true destiny lies in Australia.

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