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Title: Go and Come Back
Author Name: Joan Abelove
Price: $5.00
ISBN: 9781864489812
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Year Published: 1999
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback 
Condition: Good condition (ex library book)

Go and Come Back

  • When two old white ladies come to live in the Peruvian jungle village of Poincushmana, everyone makes a fuss--everyone but Alicia, who is baffled by the reaction of her tribe, the Isabo.

    But as the days pass, she too is drawn in--because the ladies (who are really in their twenties, and anthropologists) are stingy, stupid, and fun to watch. They don't understand the Isabo. Someone needs to set them straight. And that someone, surprisingly, is Alicia.

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