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Title: Dark Rivers of the Heart
Author Name: Dean Koontz
Price: $8.00
ISBN: 9780747209621
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
Year Published: 1994
Paperback or Hardcover: Hardcover
Condition: Good condition

Dark Rivers of the Heart

  • Do you dare step through the red door?

    Spencer Grant had no idea what drew him to the bar with the red door. He thought he would just sit down, have a slow beer or two, and talk to a stranger.

    He couldn't know that it would lead to a narrow escape from a bungalow targeted by a SWAT team. Or that it would leave him a wanted man. Now he is on the run from mysterious and ruthless men. He is in love with a woman he knows next to nothing about. And he is hiding from a past he can't fully remember. On his trail is a shadowy security agency that answers to no one--including the U.S. government--and a man who considers himself a compassionate Angel of Death.

    But worst of all, Spencer Grant is on a collision course with inner demons he thought he'd buried years ago--inner demons that could destroy him if his enemies don't first.

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