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Title: Boy Swallows Universe

Author: Trent Dalton

Price: $9.00

ISBN: 9781460757765

Publisher: Fourth Estate

Year published: 2019

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Good condition

Boy Swallows Universe

  • Brisbane, 1985: A lost father, a mute brother, a junkie mum, a heroin dealer for a stepfather and a notorious crim for a babysitter. It's not as if Eli's life isn't complicated enough already. He's just trying to follow his heart and  understand what it means to be a good man, but fate keeps throwing obstacles in his way - not least of which is Tytus Broz, legendary Brisbane drug dealer.

    This is a story of brotherhood, true love and the most unlikely of friendships, Boy Swallows Universe will be the most heartbreaking, joyous and exhilarating novel you will read all year.

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