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Title: A Universe of Sufficient Size

Author: Miriam Sved

Price: $10.00

ISBN: 9781743535127

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

This edition published: 2019

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Very good condition

A Universe of Sufficient Size

  • I have wished so many times that I had acted differently.
    I wish that I had been more worthy of you...
    Eventually the war will end, and then we will find each other.
    Until then, remember me.

    Budapest, 1938. In a city park, five young Jewish mathematicians gather to share ideas, trade proofs and whisper sedition.

    Sydney, 2007. Illy has just buried her father, a violent, unpredictable man whose bitterness she never understood. And now Illy's mother has gifted her a curious notebook, its pages a mix of personal story and mathematical discovery, recounted by a woman full of hopes and regrets.

    Inspired by a true story, Miriam Sved's beautifully crafted novel charts a course through both the light and dark of human relationships: a vivid recreation of 1930s Hungary, a decades-old mystery locked in the story of one enduring friendship, a tribute to the selfless power of the heart.

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