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Title: Wild Abandon

Author: Joe Dunthorne

Price: $10.00

ISBN: 9780141033952

Publisher: Penguin Books

This edition published: 2002

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Good condition

Wild Abandon

  • Kate and Albert, sister and brother, are not yet the last two human beings on earth, but Albert has high hopes. The secluded communal farm they grew up on is - after twenty years - disintegrating, along with their parents' marriage. They both try to escape- Kate, at seventeen, to suburbia and Albert, at eleven, into preparations for the end of the world. However, Don, their father and the community's leader, is convinced he can save everything, if he can only he can bring his followers into the modern age. How? By force of personality, strict self-sufficiency and a rave with a 10k sound system. Understandably, Albert and Kate have other ideas . . .

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