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Title: When We Were Vikings

Author: Andrew David Macdonald

Price: $10.00

ISBN: 9781982147713

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Year published: 2020

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Very good condition

When We Were Vikings

  • Sometimes life isn’t as simple as heroes and villains.

    For Zelda, a twenty-one-year-old Viking enthusiast who lives with her older brother, Gert, life is best lived with some basic rules:

    1. A smile means “thank you for doing something small that I liked.”
    2. Fist bumps and dabs = respect.
    3. Strange people are not appreciated in her home.
    4. Tomatoes must go in the middle of the sandwich and not get the bread wet.
    5. Sometimes the most important things don’t fit on lists.

    But when Zelda finds out that Gert has resorted to some questionable—and dangerous—methods to make enough money to keep them afloat, Zelda decides to launch her own quest. Her mission: to be legendary. It isn’t long before Zelda finds herself in a battle that tests the reach of her heroism, her love for her brother, and the depth of her Viking strength.

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