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Title: We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Author: Karen Joy Fowler

Price: $10.00

ISBN: 9781781252956

Publisher: Profile Books

Year published: 2014

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Good condition

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

  • Meet the Cooke family. Our narrator is Rosemary Cooke. As a child, she never stopped talking; now that she's started college, she has wrapped herself in silence: the silence of intentional forgetting, of protective cover.

    Rosemary is now an only child, but she used to have a sister the same age as her, and an older brother. Both are now gone—vanished from her life, and her once lively mother is a shell of her former self, and her clever and imperious father is now a distant, brooding man.

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