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Title: The Hundred Secret Senses
Author Name: Amy Tan
Price: $9.00
ISBN: 9780002254700
Publisher: Harper Collins
Year Published: 1996
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback
Condition: Good condition

The Hundred Secret Senses

  • Olivia Yee is only five years old when Kwan, her older sister from China, comes to live with the family and turns her life upside down, bombarding her day and night with ghostly stories of strange ancestors from the world of Yin. Olivia just wants to lead a normal American life.

    For the next thirty years, Olivia endures visits from Kwan and her ghosts, who appear in the living world to offer advice on everything from restaurants to Olivia’s failed marriage. But just when she cannot bear it any more, the revelations of a tragic family secret finally open her mind to the startling truths hidden in Kwan’s unorthodox vision of the world.

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