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Title: The Book of Love

Author: Phillipa Fioretti

Price: $8.00

ISBN: 9780733624391

Publisher: Hachette

This edition published: 2010

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Good condition

The Book of Love

  • Lily, a queen of style in retro clothes, and Robbie, her boyfriend, run a second-hand bookshop in Sydney. In a shipment of old books from Nairobi, Robbie discovers a rare French book of ancient Roman erotica. With only four copies in existence, and valued at twenty million dollars, he is determined to sell it despite Lily's suggestion that they return it to its rightful home.

    But when, William, a dashing Russian employed by a fine arts firm in London to retrieve stolen art works, arrives at the shop Robbie refuses to hand over the book. Robbie then disappears, taking his and Lily's life savings with him. What follows is a funny, witty romantic comedy that takes readers from Sydney to Rome, in a whirlwind of pretty dresses, daring actions, and clever dialogue... 

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