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Title: Finders and Keepers
Author Name: Catrin Collier
Price: $8.00
ISBN: 9780752867014
Publisher: Orion
Year Published: 2005
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback 
Condition: Good condition

Finders and Keepers

  • When Harry was five his mother married a coal miner. Loved by his new family, Harry embraced their socialism and considered rejecting his inheritance from the father he'd never known. He graduated Oxford with dreams of becoming an artist but when his beloved 'step-grandfather', ex-miner Billy Evans succumbed to TB Harry volunteered to accompany him to a sanatorium. There he met Diana, a beautiful, feminist medical student; and Mary, an illiterate, farmer's daughter fighting to keep her family together. Harry falls in love - suffers rejection - and finds out about life and the responsibility of inherited wealth.

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