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Title: City of the Mind

Author: Penelope Lively

Price: $9.00

ISBN: 9780233986616

Publisher: Andrew Deutsch Limited

Year published: 1991

Paperback or Hardcover: Hardcover

Condition: Good condition

City of the Mind

  • Matthew Halland, architect, is intimately involved with the new face of the city, while haunted by earlier times of destruction and loss in its history. Although he is divorced and lonely, Matthew has a rich and moving relationship with his daughter Jane. She offers a fresh perspective on love, loss, and even the city of London.

    Matthew becomes entangled with an array of fascinating characters, from Rutter, a corrupt real estate developer whose mafia-like ways disgust him, to Sarah Bridges, a romantic ray of hope who enters his life. Mathew’s relationships with Jane, Sarah, and Rutter allow his mind to rove freely as the past, present, and future interweave and he strives to look ahead and forge new beginnings of his own..

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