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Title: Alice Jones: The Impossible Clue
Author Name: Sarah Rubin
Price: $8.00
ISBN: 9781910002865
Publisher: Chicken House
Year Published: 2016
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback 
Condition: Very good condition

Alice Jones: The Impossible Clue

  • Maths-whizz Alice has already solved a mystery or two. Persuaded by wannabe sidekick Sammy to investigate a scientist's disappearance, she's soon entangled in her trickiest case yet.

    Dr Learner is reputed to have invented an invisibility suit, but is whacky science really to blame for his vanishing? With the unlikely help of erstwhile nemesis Kevin, Alice solves the puzzle - only to face another.

    Should she reveal the truth, or protect her most devoted friend?

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