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Title:     Together
Author Name:     Julie Cohen
Price:     $10.00
ISBN:     9781409171744
Publisher:     Hachette
Year Published:     2017
Paperback or Hardcover:     Hardcover
Condition:    Very good condition


  • Robbie and Emily have been together for years, but their love is still fresh and fierce. They have shared a bed, a home, a bond so deep it can't be broken. But there are things they don't share, things best left unsaid.

    On a morning like any other, Robbie wakes, dresses, writes Emily a letter - and leaves their home for good. There is a secret they've been keeping since the day they met. The sacrifices and choices that have sealed their fates could be exposed, and this is the only way to keep it all hidden...

    Is this a great love story or a story about great love?

    Whatever you decide, theirs is a story that will never leave you.

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