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Title: Sly
Author Name: Rick Feneley
Price: $8.00
ISBN: 9780330421331
Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Year Published: 1995
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback 
Condition: Good condition


  • Sly Fox lives with his one-legged alcoholic father, incontinent Communist grandfather and his dog, Comrade, in a run-down beach shack filled with history you can touch. Intrigued by Sly and his fascinating family history, new boy in town Brett 'Harry' Harrison strikes up an unlikely and forbidden friendship with him.

    Together, the boys discover the delights of sex, drugs and cheap booze, but their great passion is the compelling story of Sly's pioneering ancestors, as revealed by the Fox family chronicles.

    Sly and Harry's friendship is inviolable, or so they think, until a shocking act of betrayal alters the course of their lives forever...

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