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Title: Maybe a Fox

Author: Kathi Appelt & Alison McGhee

Price: $8.00

ISBN: 9781406372892

Publisher: Walker Books

This edition published: 2016

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Good condition

Maybe a Fox

  • Sylvie and Jules.

    Jules and Sylvie.

    Jules adores her older-by-one-year sister, Sylvie.

    Sylvie: beautiful like their mother.
    Sylvie: supreme maker of tiny snow families.
    Sylvie: faster than fast.

    Sylvie: gone.

    Into thin air, Sylvie goes missing, and as Jules stumbles in grief, a fox cub is born. A shadow fox, spirit and animal in one. From the minute the cub opens her eyes, she senses something very wrong. Someone—Jules.

    Jules: steadfast like their father.
    Jules: supreme maker of tiny snow foxes.
    Jules: collector of rocks.

    Jules: heartbroken.

    Who is this Jules? Who is this Sylvie she cries out for? And why does the air still prickle with something unsettled? As that dark unknown grows, the fates of the girl Jules and the fox cub, laced together with wishes and shadowy ties, are about to collide.

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