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Title: Lighthousekeeping

Author: Jeanette Winterson

Price: $8.00

ISBN: 9780007181803

Publisher: Fourth Estate

Year published: 2004

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Fairly good condition


  • A magical, lyrical tale of the young orphan Silver, taken in by the ancient lighthousekeeper Mr. Pew, who reveals to her a world of myth and mystery through the art of storytelling. Motherless and anchorless, Silver is taken in by the timeless Mr. Pew, keeper of the Cape Wrath lighthouse. Pew tells Silver ancient tales of longing and rootlessness, of the slippages that occur throughout every life. One life, Babel Dark’s, a nineteenth-century clergyman, opens like a map that Silver must follow, and the intertwining of myth and reality, of storytelling and experience, lead her through her own particular darkness.

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