Title: Last Tango in Toulouse
Author Name: Mary Moody
Price: $10.00
ISBN: 9780330421652
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Year Published: 2010
Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback 
Condition: Good condition

Last Tango in Toulouse

  • The year of her fiftieth birthday, Mary Moody ran away from home, family and work for six months to live in a remote French village.

    Her book about these experiences, Au Revoir, struck a chord with tens of thousands of readers across Australia. Yet those experiences were to mark a beginning rather than an end. They were six months that turned the rest of her life upside down, as she bought a house in the village, persuaded her husband to sell the family home of twenty-five years and take up goose farming in central NSW and abandoned her television career in favour of writing about her travelling experiences.

    Yet even these dramatic events were merely the outward signs of far deeper changes that challenged the stability of thirty years of monogamy and motherhood. To her surprise, Mary found herself grappling with the intense emotion of an affair, and its consequences on her marriage and family.

    Amid this turmoil, Mary also rediscovered a sister not seen by the family for nearly fifty years. Last Tango in Toulouse is Mary's compelling account of these tumultuous upjeavals in her life, and an affirmation of the power of family in overcoming the greatest challenges. Written with humour, warmth and passion, and an often searing honesty, Last Tango in Toulouse shows that life really can begin again at 50.