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Title: Green Vanilla Tea

Author: Marie Williams

Price: $10.00

ISBN: 9781921462993

Publisher: Finch Publishing Pty Limited

This edition published: 2013

Paperback or Hardcover: Paperback

Condition: Good condition

Green Vanilla Tea

  • Winner of the Finch Memoir Prize 2013

    In the midst of the delights of family life, tragedy can strike.

    Marie Williams watches helplessly as an undiagnosable condition debilitates her husband, Dominic, in both body and mind. As the condition develops, the normally devoted family man and loving partner seems to disappear beneath an expressionless face and a relentless desire to walk and walk and walk at all hours of the day and night.

    In a compelling story that spans both joy and sadness, Marie Williams writes about the bonds in her family, her sons' love for their father, the spirit that sustains them all during the most testing of experiences and about the struggle they faced in dealing with the inexplicable.

    Green Vanilla Tea is a story of compassion and courage in the face of a deadly and little understood illness. Above all, it is a love story.

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