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Title: Bealby
Author Name: H G Wells
Price: $10.00
Publisher: Morrison & Gibb Ltd
Year Published: 1958
Paperback or Hardcover: Hardcover (abridged version)
Condition: Well loved


  • Bealby is a young boy who is determined not to accept his lot in life as a servant. However, despite having thrown tantrums and argued with his mother about his future he has not been able to change his fate.

    He reluctantly leaves his home for Shonts, a big country house, to work as a steward's boy. What he hasn't anticipated, however, are the guests that are arriving for the weekend at the big house, or for the arrival of the eccentric but captivating Lord Chancellor.

    What follows is an adventure that Bealby will not soon forget. Although better known for his science fiction stories, such as The Time Machine or The War of the Worlds - both of which have been turned into successful films - H. G. Wells was also a journalist, sociologist and historian and wrote over a hundred books, about fifty of them novels. 

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